Everett Wilkinson

Principled Capitalist & Marketing Mastermind


Everett’s passion for free markets and classic wisdom was ignited at an early age growing up in Jackson, Michigan. As a young student, he devoured the works of intellectual giants like William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman, and even ancient philosophers like Cicero. Their ideas on liberty, capitalism, and timeless principles shaped Everett into an ardent “Free Market Capitalist.”However, his zeal for economic freedom was tempered by his service in the Marine Corps, which gave him a profound appreciation for the sacrifices required to preserve freedom. This humbling experience instilled in Everett a balanced worldview.

Financial Trailblazer

Everett’s professional journey began in the financial trenches as an advisor, but his talent and drive rapidly propelled him into leadership. As the National Inside Sales Desk Manager overseeing 500 advisors, he was a force of innovation. Under his guidance, the market share of the firm’s mutual fund soared from 14% to nearly 20% in just three years.

But Everett didn’t stop there. He forged strategic alliances that enhanced the firm’s offerings and skyrocketed gross revenue from $1.4 million to an impressive $4.7 million. His ability to solve complex problems, develop new products, and foster corporate relationships was simply unparalleled.

Marketing Mastermind

After conquering finance, Everett turned his analytical mind toward the marketing world over a decade ago. Serving financial giants and Fortune 500 companies, he has become a trusted marketing and communication strategist. With laser-focused expertise, Everett optimizes marketing messages, deeply understands client needs, and unlocks new business opportunities.

His most remarkable talent, however, lies in delivering tangible ROI and cost savings to clients through meticulously crafted campaigns spanning inbound marketing, social media, branding, and direct mail. Everett’s principled, capitalistic mindset fuels his relentless pursuit of driving growth and maximizing value for his clients.


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