Everett Wilkinson: 5 Ways to Improve Your Engagement Organically on Facebook


Notes From Everett Wilkinson:

Ladies and gentlemen. We meet this day to mourn the loss of Facebook organic reach again, to share the misery every one of us internet marketers experience. Perhaps even, in that sharing, we will acquire the strength to look towards the future with a bit of hope.

Indeed, organic reach on Facebook is terrible as well as worsening, courtesy of the recent broadcast from the social network that is visited by more than a billion users daily. Facebook will show even more humorous videos and infant pictures posted by friends and family rather than news or other marketing content from brands, businesses, or publishers.

Exactly how poor is organic engagement on Facebook? Generally speaking, it is somewhere around lesser than a percentage.

Yikes .

Occasionally, one of your postings might often gain a great deal of organic engagement. However, it is quickly becoming mission impossible.

Facebook: Unhackable.

Facebook’s algorithm is driven by machine learning. While I don’t fully understand the secretive formula Facebook uses, we know from a computer-science viewpoint that machine-learning algorithms learn by constant testing and evaluating how people react to those tests.

The bottom line is: provided people love your content as well as engage with it, they are more inclined to see more of that category of content in the future. The reverse is also true – if you happen to post garbage, and if people don’t engage with it, those people are significantly less prone to see your stuff in the future.

Increased engagement ( i.e., . , shares, comments, Likes ) signifies more visibility in Facebook’s news feed. Facebook’s algorithm is more prone to give a lot more visibility to posts that resonate well, to audition it before a lot of people.

As a matter of fact, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords including organic search operate the same way.

Hence what is the solution?

Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is definitely to mitigate the loss from the most recent Facebook News Feed algorithm. You have to increase your organic engagement rates.

Let’s meet your brand new weapons – the five tips that can assist you to accomplish what is assumed impossible: increase your reach on The Social Network.

Note: A few of these tips demand to spend a bit of money, the rest are free. They all are worth your time.


1 . Desired Audience Targeting

Listen up: Desired audience targeting is an entirely new Facebook feature that operates just as ad targeting, however for your organic posts. That’s correct, this recent feature allows you to target your organic updates as if they were ads, at no charge. Facebook allows you to target your update. As a result, the people who are most likely to have an interest in your update will see it.

Here’s exactly where the desired audience targeting feature can be found:

This feature is indeed effective because not necessarily everyone who follows your Facebook web page will certainly care about almost every update you post. To start increasing your organic engagement, you must stop broadcasting to all your followers and concentrate on those that are most likely to engage with specific updates.

Give it some thought. Why is it that people follow major companies like IBM or GE? It might be for virtually any number of reasons.

Facebook’s desired audiences feature are pure genius for businesses which have various products and divisions, or perhaps that operate in different countries. It is possible to narrow the targeting based on users’ interests and regions to get to the individuals you truly desire without bothering the rest of your followers.

This feature also provides added benefits for smaller sized companies and publishers. Use me for instance. I post updates on an array of topics; this includes online advertising, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, Search engine optimizing, branding, and growth hacking.

Desired audience targeting enables me to choose who sees my posts – and who will not see my post, utilizing audience restrictions:

Here’s yet another example. Let’s say you are a French clothes merchant with locations in France, Poland, and Germany. You possibly can make it so that only French-speaking millennial females who reside close to your locations will see your post introducing your hottest deals.

Keep in mind: many people who like your page is not your target audience. Lots of random people may like your page in the long run but never engage with your updates, visit your website or purchase from you.

If you possibly could reach a percentage of your audience, you should more narrowly target the people that are interested in what you have to offer. Providing people precisely what these are interested is really what exceptional marketing comprises – and, as a result, it helps you increase your Facebook engagement rate remarkably.


2 . The Unicorn Detector System

The Unicorn Detector Pyramid Scheme is the method you can utilize to segregated your content unicorns from the donkeys.

What exactly is a content unicorn? Undoubtedly, content turns into a unicorn once it is simply among the major one to two percentage of all of your content. These are your unique and beautiful pieces of content that generate the vast majority of shares, engagement, and also views.

A content donkey, however, does not stand out in any way. At most, it is average. Ninety-eight percent of your content will likely be donkeys that receive average engagement – once again, less than a percentage is the average organic engagement on Facebook, which is low, right?

To increase your organic engagement rates on Facebook, you have to post minor, still improved updates. You can also test out your content organically on Twitter. Here’re the ins and outs.

Post numerous stuff on Twitter – something like 20 tweets daily. However assume that virtually every tweet was infected with a virus, one which will ultimately obliterate them without the antidote within 24 hours.

The sole cure of the infected tweets? They have to get a notable number of retweets, clicks, likes, as well as replies.

Analyze your leading tweets in Twitter Analytics. Those tweets with the majority of engagement – your leading 5 or 10 percent – have made it through!

Your content that got the majority of engagement on Twitter is highly prone to achieve equivalent engagement on Facebook.


3 . Publish Engagement Ads

You can utilize Facebook’s Post Engagement Ads to provide your posts a little bit of a push. Sure, this means you are investing a small money to “earn” a couple of free reach in the news feed.

For instance, let’s say I published the above update basically on my wall. The engagement will probably be pretty small. Possibly a few hundred people may see it.

What precisely occurs if I spend just $20 on advertising it? In this instance, I purchased above 4,400 impressions ( clicks, follows, likes, etc . ), as well as got over 1,000 organic engagements at no cost as a result.

Exactly how? The moment someone else shares your promoted post, it leads to more people seeing it organically in their News Feeds and also engaging with it.


4 . Add Engaged Followers

Are you aware there is certainly a means one can selectively invite people that have recently engaged with one or any of your Facebook posts, actually to like your Page? This is an exceptional but little-known feature offered to some ( but not all ) Pages ( only people with less than 100,000 Page Likes ).

You prefer those people who engage with you to become a part of your Facebook fan base. You already know these people like you so are more prone to engage with your content simply because they have done so in the past.

Here’s how to do it: Click the names of the people that reacted to your post ( liked, loved, etc . ). You will notice three varieties of buttons ( Invite, Liked, Invited ). Clicking on that Invite button is going to send an invitation to people who engaged with one or any of your Facebook posts to like your Facebook business page.

Will it work? Yes . Between about 15 to 20% of people I have invited to like or join my Facebook fan page have done so.

Oh, and did I note the fact it’s free? You can read more with regards to the Facebook invite button right here.

If you wish to maximize your Facebook following, you can run a remarketing and list-based Facebook Fan / Page campaign, but I would not recommend it. I do not think it is a good investment except if you have a ridiculously low number of followers. You are better off doing nothing.

Our target is to boost our engagement facebook rates to increase our earned and organic engagement. Magnetizing the wrong kinds of followers can hurt, instead of help, your engagement rates.

5 . Use Online video Content

The decreased organic reach virtually mirrors the increasing use of video on Facebook.

Users watch a lot more than 8 billion videos daily on the social network. And additionally, these videos are generating a lot of engagement.

Simply check out this recent research from BuzzSumo, which analyzed the average amount of shares of Facebook videos:

Facebook is working on its best to attempt to kill YouTube as the leading platform for video. If you haven’t so far, this is the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Quit sharing vanilla posts that get virtually no engagement. Include some video into your marketing mix. That will improve your organic engagement simply because Engagement begets engagement.


Conclusion Thoughts on the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

Facebook organic reach is quite terrible. This is why you need to start treating your organic Facebook posts similar to a paid channel, in which you must pickier and optimize to increase engagement, in the goals of getting additional earned organic engagement.

We will certainly not get back the Facebook organic reach we’ve lost over the last few years. On the other hand, all these five tips can help massively increase your organic engagement and minimize your losses from the latest Facebook News Feed change.

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Everett Wilkinson: Spyfu Review (PPC Tool)

Everett Wilkinson gives a quick review of http://www.spyfu.com/

With SpyFu you are able to download your competitors adwords and keywords so as to (technically) spy on them, but primarily research into their online marketing movements.  The application is free for use and researches details on PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns for your reference.  It also comes with tutorial sessions with slideshows to help you use the programs various applications such as keywords SmartSearch, ad history and SpyFu Kombat.

SpyFu Detailed Overview

The primary functionality of SpyFu is free but limited.  To have access to its full range of tools and functions you will need to sign up for an annual/monthly membership.  This can be done monthly at a cost of $59.95 or yearly at a cost of $395.  As a member you will receive access to the top one hundred list for keyword searches on Google, Amazon, About.com, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, etc, etc.  You will also have access to the most up to date top one hundred list of SEM spenders, including companies such as Target, Expedia, Progressive, Walmart, etc, etc.  You will also have access to the list of top 100 keywords that have the highest average cost per click costs.

If you are a member/subscriber then you can try SpyFu Kombat.  Enter two or three URL’s and then click the “fight” button.  It will compare the URL’s and point out the keyword overlaps that are on each site.  It will also highlight which of these are the most effective.  You can also try the Ad History that lest you see the keywords that have been used and advertising campaigns used over the last year for the entered URL.  Try the SmartSearch by entering your keyword criteria, so that it can come up with the most effective keyword list (in its opinion).  You should also try their user friendly affiliate program.  Plonk the links they give onto your websites and blogs and you will get a forty five percent commission on the money made from those links.

SpyFu Reputation

Any keyword search tool has a level of inaccuracy.  This is the nature of the internet which is always changing and shifting.  The information you research will only ever be as good as the databases it reads from.  SpyFu uses information that has a slight time delay, which means that if one large website went offline, that SpyFu may take a while to register it, but other than that it is comparable to most other spy tools in its effectiveness and accuracy.  As another research tool, SpyFu is not a bad application and the SpyFu Kombat function does give you another angle with which to get ahead of your competition.

The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

(entrepreneur.com) Pressed to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur, which words would you use? Passionate? Dedicated? Optimistic? Sure, those apply. But insecure and troublemaker are more accurate, according to ‘treps who know a success when they see one. Do the following traits, characteristics and quirks describe you? Well then, you might be an entrepreneur (at heart, if not yet in practice).

The Top Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Trends of 2016

seo blog3

The world of search engine optimization and search engine optimization changes all the time and 2015 was no different. As such it’s important for marketers to adjust to the changes in consumer behavior.

If you want to succeed then it’s important to follow the top trends in 2016 so that you can keep up with the evolving world of SEO and social media marketing.


  1.        You need to optimize for mobile

Traffic from mobiles has officially surpassed traffic from personal computers. In a world where everyone is using their smartphones or tablets it’s only natural you’d want to optimize your websites and media for the mobile audience.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then visitors will leave your site and head to a competitor instead. Google even introduced their Mobilegeddon update recently, which places a higher emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. Make sure that your website is responsive so that your customers enjoy their time with your website no matter what platform they use.


  1.        Voice search means that keyword research will never be the same again

More people than ever are using digital assistants like Siri and Cortana on their phones. Part of the reason for this is that they have become much more functional. These virtual assistants make things much easier for users but it leaves marketers facing new challenges in optimizing for voice search.

When people say their search out loud they tend to use different terms than they do when typing. Voice search is designed for long-tail keywords. So when you’re doing SEO make sure you throw in some of these long-tail keywords for voice search optimization.


  1.        Local SEO is becoming more important than ever

Local SEO has been made more important with the advent of My Business. Google has drastically altered the way that it shows people results when they use local search terms. As such different elements of the search are used to give people the best information about local business.

It’s become imperative that your website is listed on Google so that you increase your search visibility. Think about getting listed on Google My Business. It lets you control everything from one convenient location.


  1.        Social posts get a better ranking

It’s always important to try and get your blog posts and other universal assets such as videos and news ranked, but you also need to focus on getting your social posts ranked too.

Many marketers out there are already making use of social media to improve their search engine visibility. You need to make sure that some form of social media comes up when people search for the name of your company.

These social media profiles need to be on the first page of results. It can also help you manage and monitor your reputation. Many social media sites are placing more of an emphasis on long from content. Facebook in particular has changed how their Notes feature works to facilitate this.


  1.        You need app store optimization

Almost half of the time people spent online last year was spent on mobile apps. Many people prefer to use apps over mobile websites as apps provide better functionality.

If you’ve got an app for your business then you need to make sure that it’s optimized for the app store. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps made each day. This makes it even more difficult for you to get your app to stand out.

You should also use in-app analytics. That way you can track how well your app performs at increasing conversions, click-throughs, and how many times people use your app.



These are the trends that will dictate how things will be in the social media and search engine marketing world for the next year. New features are released all the time for the bigger names like Google, Facebook and Twitter. It makes things easier for their users but it can make it a little more difficult for you. Stay on top of the trends and adjust accordingly so you can continue to adapt and survive in the brave new world.

Preparing for trends and staying on top of them also gives you an edge on the competition and improves your awareness and visibility.


5 Effective Steps to Developing Digital Marketing Strategy


Unlike traditional information technology strategy that tends to run for a very long time mostly, digital media strategy literally relies on short-term road maps tied to actionable items and measurable business plans. In the simplest term, a digital marketing strategy is a structured plan for maximizing business benefits of technology-driven initiatives to stay ahead of competition and yield more profits to businesses.

Businesses can record success if they focus marketing strategy on areas where the company is vulnerable to disruption and exposed to competition. The marketing strategy should address issues like what services of the company need to be done with in-house resources, what services need to be outsourced to third-party providers or what those existing company services need a revamp to maximize profit.

When the above key areas have already been analyzed, the company should then focus on customers to improve the company’s social media footprint, organic search results, customer engagement and brand recognition. Below are some of the most effective ways businesses can leverage the power of digital media strategy to maximize profits.



To ensure you’re starting out with an aim to achieve more, first you need to define the goal you want to achieve with your product or service. This could be breaking down information that targets your customers by location, age, value or any related information you would need when starting out.



After assessing your plan and clearly dictating your stock of consumer sentiment, you can then go ahead and formulate your goals. Start by formulating things like the target customers for your niche story, what sort of emotions the story evokes, and what impressions do your brand or product give to target customers, etc. This can help brands and products leverage the power of social media and reach even more targeted customers. Brand story is an effective way to drive massive interactions with customers.


Choosing the Right Platform

It is very important to consider your target audience both in terms of age, locations and lifestyle by deciding what platform and technology can best deliver this needs. Before you can choose the right social platform for your brand, product or service, it is important to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), this will give you an estimate insight and brand’s performance for each channel, whether awareness, engagement or online sales.



Success doesn’t come easily you have to be realistic and consistent at what you do and this includes being interactively consistent at creating your online presence on major platforms. This task could further be broken down into creating calendar notes that track your marketing efforts across your major online platforms.



This final step has to do with evaluating the information you gained from your digital campaign above and alter them where necessary to meet up with your digital strategy. The ultimate goal here is to allow you create feedback loop that measures everything in your digital strategy development.

Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter come with all the necessary tools at marketers’ disposal that allow them to measure and evaluate digital marketing insights and alter changes where necessary to ensure future effectiveness in the digital marketing strategy.