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How to Check if Your Website is on Google

You can check how many of the pages are indexed using the Google indexed pages checker. Indexed pages are the ones which are scoured by Google search engines for the possible new content or for information it already knows about. Using a website indexed is a critical portion of a website’s search engine ranking and web page material worth.

Enter “info:” followed by your “url” on Google.  Example: info:

If you want to see the number of pages indexed, just put “sites” in front.  Example: sites:

Site not on Google? Go to:

What Are Indexed Website Pages?
Indexed pages are created by Google search engines. Google is currently scouring the web for new content and new sites. Any new pages or significant amounts of data added to a page are noted by Google. Each page for a website is indexed by a web crawler for articles price and for future search requests by customers. A prospective online customer may search using specific, and the essential words may find a page with particular content or picture content. Google search engines and web crawlers understand about each new piece of information printed or submitted on a webpage as it’s being posted.

Why Are Website Pages Indexed?
Each new Internet site page is indexed by specific categories and other marking tools. Pages are indexed because the articles and sites themselves need to be listed among the number of other websites that could be similar. A page must first be indexed. Google’s spiders crawl over a website and generate a cached copy of every page. The indexes already finished are added to some new hierarchy of valued site pages could be created, for instance.

Each website webpage is evaluated according to several Internet markers, and all these markers are the following:

  • The information or pictures on a page need to have good content that’s in demand by a general public audience.
  • Great content to get a page is linkable.
  • The title tags for a website page are essential.
  • HT30ML often utilizes a title tag and the group hierarchy of a URL.
  • Good content to get a page can consist of images and image text.
  • A bots crawler will sift through this site page information to detect the excellent content that’s in demand by a current Web public audience.

How Are My Website Pages Contained in a Google Order Ranking?
A site has to be found by an Internet audience for any revenue to be completed. A place that’s created but not advertised in any way will just sit alone. A public purchasing audience cannot locate a website that’s alone or unknown. A Google order ranking is critical to get a website for the internet company to be seen by the buying public. Google search engines have been utilized more often by a buying public to come across specific products to purchase on the Internet.

How Do I Know Just How Many Pages Google Currently Has Indexed for My Enterprise?
Google indexed pages checker can let you know which pages are currently being indexed by their bots crawlers. Your site needs to be indexed for the following reasons:

Google should locate your site and create a cached or marked copy of every page of your website.
Purchasing clients use Google search engines frequently before purchasing.
What Does the Google Indexed Pages Checker Tell Me?

The Google indexed pages checker tells you precisely how many web pages Google currently has indexed for your site. A full domain name or subdomain can be researched this way. It is possible to see how many pages are included in Google search. Google could report the following information about your site:

  • Google may indicate that just the initial page is indexed for your website.
  • Google may indicate that just a few of the pages for a website are being indexed.
  • All of the information to get a site has to be properly crawled and listed with Google.
  • Advice for a website page may be overlooked by a bots crawler, and the page could be unlisted.

How Can I Correct a Problem If My Website Pages Are Not Being Listed?
A website with some pages that are not being recorded with Google is limiting the amount of gain that a site could bring in. A purchasing public audience doesn’t know about the content of the pages that aren’t being recorded. There are several ways to fix this website problem, and also these methods include the following:

  • The information of the website page that’s being overlooked should be addressed.
  • A Google bots crawler isn’t comprehending that the content of a page with low content.
  • The content of the pages missed needs to be updated with good content.
  • Upgrading a website page could mean rewriting the pages that are unknown or incorporating more content that is recognizable.
  • Recognizable content to get a webpage includes better and more relevant content regarding products that are in demand.
  • A page’s name tags could be updated to include those markers that achieve a more popular audience.
  • Images and image alternative text is included to entice a bots crawler for that particular page.
  • Off-page advertising including blog articles is used for individual post pages.

How Do I Bring More Traffic and Converted Sales to My Internet Business?
This question is fundamental to any internet enterprise. One method of earning a buying audience to a site is to be sure that the pages of the website are recognized with excellent and linkable articles. The material for the pages needs to maintain demand and realized by Google’s bots crawlers. This enhancement will enable the internet business to be ranked high on the first page of a Google search result. A visitor to the Web who is ready to purchase within a specific niche market is the customer who will find your website company and buy immediately. More traffic with greater traffic is the goal of an Internet marketing strategy.

Checking the web pages of your site which are indexed by Google is a good step towards ensuring an online business isn’t alone and overlooked. A company online needs to be recognized from the vital search engines and rated high on the first page of a search engine result. Most visitors who are wanting to purchase a product online right away will look at the highest ranking company on a search engine result and then the next few businesses before purchasing what they require.

Market to the Right Audience in 5 Steps

Market to the Right Audience in 5 Steps

Rather than trying to succeed by marketing to everyone, define your target audience. Understanding your target audience’s motives is vital to tailoring your product, service, and marketing efforts to meet their needs, and is one of the fastest ways to success — in fact, it’s tough to succeed without that knowledge.

Proper testing and targeting can pay off. Lately, I tested a lead generation campaign where we tested different social networking channels and segments inside them. Our lowest converted at roughly 3%, and our highest converted at almost 60%! The lead price for the greater conversions was nearly the same the lower one.

Though it may seem challenging to attempt to market to your target audience, it’s easier than ever once you understand what you must do. Below, I have put together five straightforward measures that will permit you to target the ideal audience and be more effective than you ever imagined.

Social Networking Polls

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective ways of surveying your target audience. Social media polls are among the most popular and straightforward ways of finding out more about your customers. Social networking sites have made it much easier for you to participate and listen to what your audiences have to say, and provide fully customization forms which will help you expand your reach and even grow your fan base. Polls are equipped with analytic tools which will provide you advice on your audience’s age group, location, profession, and more.

Standard Surveys

Standard surveys will surely keep you ahead of the game. Surveys are the perfect tool to get a hands-on approach to staying up-to-date with what consumers are thinking. The most important part of conducting online polls is understanding what you need to know from each question, and keeping items brief and easy to answer. You can also create email campaigns to survey your existing customer base and gain valuable insight into them. For extremely basic customer surveys, ClickInsights includes a one-click, one-question email survey, or try the more in-depth options at Survey Monkey.

Analyze Current Customers

Where do they live? Is your audience mostly male or female? What’s their average income? What is their profession? These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask to understand who is now buying your product or service. From that point, ask yourself how you’re reaching them. Are you gaining more customers through social networking? If so, which of your social networking platforms are getting the most attention? Analyzing your current customers can help you direct your efforts towards the perfect audience, increase closing rates, and reduce the amount of time needed to make sales.

Analyze the Competition
You almost certainly have a good idea of who your competition is, but learning more about their advertising habits will demonstrate where the difference in the market is and how you can fill it. Do keyword research connected with your industry and find out who is ranking for these keywords. Learn everything there is to know about their services, products, and promotion efforts to find out what works and build your own version. With the right research, you will have the ability to understand what the competition is doing differently and how you can do it better.

Create Buyer Personas
You are now ready to outline the various groups of buyers who will dictate your marketing and sales procedures. Before you start promoting yourself further, you want to set up your buyer personas and what is important to them. Create an incredibly detailed storyline surrounding your buyer persona and what this person’s motivations are. The more detail you include, the more likely you will be to target this particular audience while you put in place your own personal brand strategy.

As soon as you’ve completed your research and created your buyer personas, you’ll be able to recognize potential opportunities so you can make a game plan that will guide leads through your sales funnel. Bear in mind targeting is a continuous process which has to be regularly re-evaluated to be able to stay up-to-date with the audience with whom you wish to connect.

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7 Steps to Increase Website Traffic with Content

One of the most common questions people ask is “How do I get people to visit my site?”  My ‘answer is that your site must provide a reason for people to visit and be positioned/marketed properly.  “Content is king,” but your marketing strategy and tactics will help you “win the war” and get more people to your website.

Here are 7 steps to increase the effectiveness of your content.

Narrow and “niche” down your channel.
Before you create your new, “amazing” bit of content, know where you wish to promote it and make sure your co-workers aren’t all planning the same thing. If everybody else is creating an infographic to market via Facebook, yours will just get lost in the sounds. If you produce a new amazing video for your site, first make certain there is room on your site on a page that makes strategic sense and is also highly trafficked with a history of good engagement.

Produce a Search Engine Optimization () Strategy.
If you don’t have an expert handy, start doing some research yourself. You do not have to be a front-end programmer to utilize Google Trends, program for backlinks or create some simple usability recommendations.

Get the most bang for your budget.
Do not consume your entire budget producing the asset. If any of us knew what our customers wanted, we would be billionaires. But we can not predict, so leave tools to optimize the asset based on your visitors’ behavior.

Keep it simple silly (KISS).
Build your content with the customer in mind. Make your posts scannable. At the beginning of a video, add a timestamp. We are inundated with content and messaging daily, and also a couple of minutes is much to ask. Give your visitors chances to determine if they wish to provide you that time. If you do not, they won’t.

When you’ve established your new asset, don’t just review it for edits–test how simple it is to see, watch or interact with it. Produce a test set and get their feedback. Did they stop hearing the information after a certain point in the movie? Did they attempt to scan your post but couldn’t find what they needed?

Begin with the end in mind.
What is the act you want to accomplish? Before submitting, find a place for the content to call home. If you have difficulty browsing your website, your customers will most likely have difficulty, too.

Dive into the data.
When the asset is live, have a look at the numbers and consider how to allocate your optimization budget. Here are some hints:  If your bounce rate is large, check the page load times. We often attribute bounce to market fit, but according to Kissmetrics, higher load times can be among the greatest detriments for a visitor to absorb your content. A knee-jerk reaction might be to throw money in a marketing or to blast your social followers, but nurturing an SEO program is going to have a longer-term payoff. If your content is not on the homepage, then consider what the navigation to a webpage is, or think about the function of the microsite and digital travel. How many clicks and scrolls does this require a visitor to find you? Remember, the first principle in usability is “do not make me think.”

Take a look at your clicks/visits and the click labels to find out if users that visit your webpage are clicking where you want them to. If not, work with your service partners to set up a “heatmapping” tool which could allow you to see how and where people are accessing your messages and content. This way, you can see if visitors are reaching your content where it resides. If they are not, it is time to talk to your usability expert.

Do not have one on site? Then visit the page yourself and figure out how much work you have to do to find your content. By way of example, if you live below the fold onto a page, is it simple to get a first-time visitor to comprehend something lives just below the scroll point?

The path to content reaching the right people at the ideal time in the way that they want requires listening, comprehension and setting up the right engineering and insights to employ science to the art of storytelling and engaging.

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Free Tip to Increase Business On Google

As a digital marketing consultant, local business owners have often asked me, “How do I get more business from the Internet and Google…without breaking the bank?”

Too often, they had received emails from “SEO and marketing companies” promising to rank their company number one in Google, describing the services with enough technical jargon to confuse an MIT grad.

Unfortunately, many have wasted thousands of dollars on what turned out to be false promises.

For most businesses, the most valuable source of income is your current customers.

Yet, your current customers don’t always remember your company’s website address.

They are more likely to simply search “Google” for your business name.

When they do, Can they find you?  Is your information correct and up-to-date?

Even though it is 100% Free to list on Google, many businesses fail to list themselves and ultimately, lose out on customers.

20 minutes is typically all it takes to complete a business listing in Google. Let me show you how.

google my business

How to Ad or Claim Your Business on Google MyBusiness (Free)

If you’re an established business, chances are your business already exists in the Google My Business directory and you’ll just need to claim it. New businesses or new locations will probably have to be added. Here are steps (100% free):

1) Go to Google My Business.

2) Enter Your Business Name and Address in the Search Box.

3) Select or Add Your Business.

Click on your business listing if it appears among the suggested matches. If not select “Add your Business”, and provide the necessary information.

PRO TIP: Determine how you want your business Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) to appear across the web and use that NAP here (i.e. Will you spell out S-t-r-e-e-t, or use St.?) The address that you use here should become your default address across the web. Consistency is important.

4) Verify Your Business.  Google will want to verify that your business is located where you say that it is. This usually means waiting 1-2 weeks for a postcard with a verification PIN.

5) Confirm your Business. Set up a Google+ Page.

6) Encourage customers to leave reviews and manage your listing by reviewing it on a regular basis.

If you don’t have the time to manage your Google listing, or would like to have it rank higher, please contact me at (561) 880 – 5790. I have found solutions to meet most companies budgets that create results!  Right now I am offering a “Pay to Rank” program where we don’t charged you till we rank your site.



Facebook Reactions Could Influence You Beyond Facebook

In its most recent algorithm shift, Facebook will be prioritizing Reactions over Likes, when ranking stories on News Feed.

Moving from a system of “approval” on articles (Likes), to a more “psychological” indicator: Reactions. And from this, Facebook found that Reactions are a better indicator of whether someone was considering a post and could also be interested in something similar. Better than Likes, that is.

The company says that it will “weigh” each response in precisely the same way. However, it also needs to take into account the time a user spends on each post, and then “weigh” every reaction accordingly. Spending more time on an article, even if that means picking a suitable reaction, shows that a person has “cared.” It would also be kind of interesting to understand, how frequently users alter their Reactions, within minutes, or over longer intervals.

In the one year, they have been about, Reactions have taken over how we communicate. And despite all of the negativity on our News Feed, you will be happy to know that “Love” accounts for half of the 300 billion times Reactions were used. Heartwarming! Surprised?

With each click, Facebook assembles your profile and feeds it back into its AI machines that will choose which story or advertisement makes it into your News Feed.

On a darker note, Facebook has additionally been accused of using News Feed to make a controversial, emotional experiment for its users — by manipulating their input, to serve them with tales that would either make them sad or joyful.

I have to admit from a marketing standpoint, this sounds like an amazing tool.  I could “target” people’s emotions with all kinds of products based on their emotions.

However, looking at this from someone that values their privacy and not wanting to be manipulated, Facebook’s reactions cause me to be deeply concerned that they can and will be abused.

Whatever the case, now that you know that Facebook is shooting your Reactions into consideration, to decide as to what to show you next, it is possible to take measures. You could also attempt to match the system for this brilliant browser expansion — Go Rando!

This is where Rando chimes in — a browser extension that targets “counter-manipulating” those metrics, by randomizing your responses on the stage. As Benjamin Grosser, the creator behind this program points out, each time you click ‘Like,’ Go Rando randomly chooses one of the six ‘reactions’ for you.

Over time, you seem to Facebook’s algorithms as someone whose feelings are emotionally ‘balanced’ — as somebody who feels Angry up to Haha or Sad up to Love.

In his manifesto, Grosser worries that Facebook’s Reactions could lead to questionable analyses of state-of-mind, and finally surveillance, arrest, or differently. Mark Zuckerberg might have a different opinion about this — particularly because he embarked on a crusade to re-unite the US — and the world. But, hey — who are we to judge?

Whatever the case if you’re interested, install GoRando and go rogue along with your reactions on Facebook.