Bill Gross Calls Fed Change To “Benefit Savers And The Economy” – Zero Hedge

 Great article by Zero Hedge regarding Bill Gross’s Comments. After years of ZIRP (and QE), finally it has dawned on the “smartest people in the room” that neither ZIRP nor QE do much, if anything, to boost the economy. In fact, judging by the secular stagnation the world finds itself in primarily as a result […] Continue reading →

The Right Way to Invest: Our Investment Principles – OppenheimerFunds

This is an excellent example of a marketing and life concept.  Ideas and believes drive your success.  I also enjoyed his point on remaining positive.  Chief Investment Officer Krishna Memani describes our approach. Markets may change, but we believe #the Right Way to Invest remains constant. We believe success in investing can come by adhering […] Continue reading →