Great Article – How to Create a Facebook Video Ad That Moves People to Action

To create a , you have a lot of different options. Of course, you can use a recording of yourself (or hire someone to do it for you), but you don’t have to. Using videos with animated text, images and music can be equally (if not more) effective.


Until recently, these lists would be created only if you chose Video Views as the campaign objective. But now, if you use another objective (Website Conversions, for example), these video engagement lists will also be created automatically.


Facebook is continuously adding new options as well. For example, Facebook automatically creates custom audience lists of people who’ve viewed your video ad.


When you create a new ad campaign in Power Editor, you can choose from a number of objectives for your video ads: Clicks to Website, Page Post Engagement, Video Views and Website Conversions.


Facebook’s head of ad product Ted Zagat recently said that a year or two from now, Facebook will be mostly video. This is likely the reason why we’re seeing so many great new features for video advertisers.


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