Free Enterprise Advocacy

Originally from Jackson, Michigan, Everett has been active in markets and politics since grade school. He grew up reading the reading the works of William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman, and classics such as Cicero.  His appreciation of classic culture and free markets have formed Everett into a “Free Market Capitalist”.

In February of 2009, Everett Wilkinson, while working for Fortune 500 investment firm, became inspired to stop the bailouts by the government of corporations.  He considered it “Crony Capitalism” and helped found several grassroots organizations to support free markets and limited government.  From South Florida to Arizona to DC, he led hundreds of rallies and protests across America.

Through this work, Everett discovered that he had a talent for public relations, communications, and marketing.  He was able to build successful websites and ad campaigns and grow email lists from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.  After the November 2010 election, he left the financial industry to start his own marketing agency.  This allowed him to spend more time on advocacy while also building a business that drives value for his clients.

In April of 2011, Everett held the first political rally for President Trump where over 5,000 people attended.  This laid the foundation for him to build a personal relationship with President Trump.

Everett is currently active in supporting organizations that advocate for Free Enterprise and Constitutional Rights.  He is Chair of the National Liberty Federation, an organization he has grown to nearly 400,000 Facebook fans and to a reach of over 5 million users each month and over 50 million during election months.

Everett Wilkinson and his efforts have been covered by multiple news such as FoxNews, CNN, C-Span, CNBC, WSJ, NYT, Palm Beach Post and many others.  Notable quotes:

“Florida’s top grass-roots leader”-  Newsmax

“I have great respect for Everett” – President Donald J. Trump, Palm Beach Post