Everett Wilkinson: What is better SEO or PPC?

seo vs ppcThe question of whether SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click) advertising is best for your company depends entirely on the goals you have. Is the service or product on offer something new? Does it take some level of education to be able to use? Do you have a reputation in the industry? These questions and more must be addressed before addressing if you go to the SEO or PPC route.

Let’s start out by looking at the difference between SEO and PPC.


There’s more to SEO than just optimising your website and content so that it ranks highly in organic search results for your chosen keywords. There’s also the element of being the authority on the problem and providing the right solution. Google, Bing, and Yahoo also look at the way people interact with a website, including if they come back it, along with hundreds of factors such as backlinks.

Pay per click advertising is entirely paying for advertising space for some specific keywords on search results pages. However even a paid ad campaign such as a PPC campaign involves some search engine optimisation.


So is SEO Better than PPC?

Every long-term strategy for marketing needs to include some measure of search engine optimization. The main advantage of using SEO is that it tends to bring in better quality traffic. Many internet users have managed to train themselves to just automatically ignore sponsored links and adverts when using search engines and the internet as a whole.

There’s plenty of data on the subject that suggests people who come to your website naturally are more likely to trust you and your products/services. When you’re ranking high in search results it sends a clear message that you’re an expert in the field and a major name in the industry.

This doesn’t mean that SEO is free by any stretch of the imagination however. There is always a cost to SEO, whether you’re spending your own time by doing it yourself or your money by brining in an expert to do it for you.


SEO Myths

This doesn’t mean you should throw away PPC though. There are also advantages of PPC. A good PPC campaign can bring in a great return on investment, and there are times when the person who pays the most isn’t the top spot. The search engine wants to provide users with the best results for their search. They serve the searchers, and not the advertisers. If Google were to just give people, the highest bidder and they never solved their problem they would change search engine. It wasn’t kneeling to the highest bidder that crowned Google the king of the search engines.

The other main benefit of PPC is advertising on a website that is visited by the people you’re advertising to. If the potential customer sees your advert in their search results but doesn’t click on it, they are more likely to do so when they see it again on their favorite website.



The answer to if SEO is better than PPC remains the same; it depends.

Using pay-per-click advertising gives your business a great boost for their digital marketing and draws instant traffic. If you want to get the most out of PPC it helps to acquire the proper certifications and training. Google provide free training for businesses in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. If you’ve not got the resources or the time for this then you should hire someone else who already has the training. One disadvantage of PPC is that the traffic disappears when the ads do.

While search engine optimization remains very important it can take time to build up your page authority and climb the rankings. Rankings also change all the time, particularly in a competitive market. One of your competitors can become the authority in a second if they take their campaigning to the next level.

This is no reason to be discouraged however as using an SEO strategy across the long-term is the best choice for high quality leads. Improving SEO also improves PPC, so there are other benefits to correcting page content, backlinks, and everything else that comes with SEO.

Realistically both SEO and PPC can get you to the top of the first page of search results. They are just different in how they do this and the advantages they have. No matter which method you go with we wish you good luck!

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