One thing I don’t don’t like about the Internet and marketing is the promotion of the latest and greatest tool.  Nearly every week someone launches a new app or website that is going to change the world as we know.  Chances are there are 10 good alternatives already.  That being said, I do like this list of tools.  My suggestion is to focus on what your goals are first, before adding something new.

Thanks to Buffer, marketers no longer need to login several times a day to post content – instead you can simply create a posting schedule for each social network and queue posts to be shared at an optimal time. This becomes super powerful when you pair it with Followerwonk.


With Buffer, you can choose what posts to share and when to do it. And the best thing about it? It gives you back your time! Create a schedule for weeks and even months ahead, posting your evergreen content without lifting a finger.


Simply type in a keyword or phrase and look for popular content that’s already performed well or type in the domain name of your competition and look at the most popular content they’ve shared.


Buzzsumo searches through different types of content including infographics, blog articles, and videos, and shows you the popularity of each piece of content in each social media network.


Since its inception, Buffer has been saving marketers oodles of time. Although many tools have followed in their footsteps, Buffer retains its popularity and remains a favorite among social media marketers worldwide.