It was a big decision taking on a podcast. I didn’t want to do anything that would dilute the quality of the blog. But together with my partner Tom Webster, we have come up with a system for The Marketing Companion that is effective and successful.


In an era where many people are de-emphasizing written content, I deem that it is critically important, at least for me, and that is where I will continue to spend the bulk of my content-creating time in 2016 and beyond.


The point of this story is … what is the value of my written content? Everything. It is the source of my authority and attracts fans who turn into customers like Jonathan.


A few years ago, a fella name Jonathan Barrick started reading my blog. He eventually sought me out at a conference because he was a true fan of my blog. When he was made a marketing director for gShift, he decided to make that company a sponsor of my podcast The Marketing Companion. The company also sponsored my latest book The Content Code, and invited me to their hometown of Barrie for a paid speaking engagement a few weeks ago. Out of that speaking gig, I have been hired by two organizations for consulting.


A lot of this reflection is spent on the time I spend creating content. It’s significant. I thought I would share for you my strategic view of the strategy behind the content streams going into 2016. Here’s a summary of where things are headed: