Market to the Right Audience in 5 Steps

Market to the Right Audience in 5 Steps

Rather than trying to succeed by marketing to everyone, define your target audience. Understanding your target audience’s motives is vital to tailoring your product, service, and marketing efforts to meet their needs, and is one of the fastest ways to success — in fact, it’s tough to succeed without that knowledge.

Proper testing and targeting can pay off. Lately, I tested a lead generation campaign where we tested different social networking channels and segments inside them. Our lowest converted at roughly 3%, and our highest converted at almost 60%! The lead price for the greater conversions was nearly the same the lower one.

Though it may seem challenging to attempt to market to your target audience, it’s easier than ever once you understand what you must do. Below, I have put together five straightforward measures that will permit you to target the ideal audience and be more effective than you ever imagined.

Social Networking Polls

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective ways of surveying your target audience. Social media polls are among the most popular and straightforward ways of finding out more about your customers. Social networking sites have made it much easier for you to participate and listen to what your audiences have to say, and provide fully customization forms which will help you expand your reach and even grow your fan base. Polls are equipped with analytic tools which will provide you advice on your audience’s age group, location, profession, and more.

Standard Surveys

Standard surveys will surely keep you ahead of the game. Surveys are the perfect tool to get a hands-on approach to staying up-to-date with what consumers are thinking. The most important part of conducting online polls is understanding what you need to know from each question, and keeping items brief and easy to answer. You can also create email campaigns to survey your existing customer base and gain valuable insight into them. For extremely basic customer surveys, ClickInsights includes a one-click, one-question email survey, or try the more in-depth options at Survey Monkey.

Analyze Current Customers

Where do they live? Is your audience mostly male or female? What’s their average income? What is their profession? These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask to understand who is now buying your product or service. From that point, ask yourself how you’re reaching them. Are you gaining more customers through social networking? If so, which of your social networking platforms are getting the most attention? Analyzing your current customers can help you direct your efforts towards the perfect audience, increase closing rates, and reduce the amount of time needed to make sales.

Analyze the Competition
You almost certainly have a good idea of who your competition is, but learning more about their advertising habits will demonstrate where the difference in the market is and how you can fill it. Do keyword research connected with your industry and find out who is ranking for these keywords. Learn everything there is to know about their services, products, and promotion efforts to find out what works and build your own version. With the right research, you will have the ability to understand what the competition is doing differently and how you can do it better.

Create Buyer Personas
You are now ready to outline the various groups of buyers who will dictate your marketing and sales procedures. Before you start promoting yourself further, you want to set up your buyer personas and what is important to them. Create an incredibly detailed storyline surrounding your buyer persona and what this person’s motivations are. The more detail you include, the more likely you will be to target this particular audience while you put in place your own personal brand strategy.

As soon as you’ve completed your research and created your buyer personas, you’ll be able to recognize potential opportunities so you can make a game plan that will guide leads through your sales funnel. Bear in mind targeting is a continuous process which has to be regularly re-evaluated to be able to stay up-to-date with the audience with whom you wish to connect.

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