Everett Wilkinson gives a quick review of http://www.spyfu.com/

With SpyFu you are able to download your competitors adwords and keywords so as to (technically) spy on them, but primarily research into their online marketing movements.  The application is free for use and researches details on PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns for your reference.  It also comes with tutorial sessions with slideshows to help you use the programs various applications such as keywords SmartSearch, ad history and SpyFu Kombat.

SpyFu Detailed Overview

The primary functionality of SpyFu is free but limited.  To have access to its full range of tools and functions you will need to sign up for an annual/monthly membership.  This can be done monthly at a cost of $59.95 or yearly at a cost of $395.  As a member you will receive access to the top one hundred list for keyword searches on Google, Amazon, About.com, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, etc, etc.  You will also have access to the most up to date top one hundred list of SEM spenders, including companies such as Target, Expedia, Progressive, Walmart, etc, etc.  You will also have access to the list of top 100 keywords that have the highest average cost per click costs.

If you are a member/subscriber then you can try SpyFu Kombat.  Enter two or three URL’s and then click the “fight” button.  It will compare the URL’s and point out the keyword overlaps that are on each site.  It will also highlight which of these are the most effective.  You can also try the Ad History that lest you see the keywords that have been used and advertising campaigns used over the last year for the entered URL.  Try the SmartSearch by entering your keyword criteria, so that it can come up with the most effective keyword list (in its opinion).  You should also try their user friendly affiliate program.  Plonk the links they give onto your websites and blogs and you will get a forty five percent commission on the money made from those links.

SpyFu Reputation

Any keyword search tool has a level of inaccuracy.  This is the nature of the internet which is always changing and shifting.  The information you research will only ever be as good as the databases it reads from.  SpyFu uses information that has a slight time delay, which means that if one large website went offline, that SpyFu may take a while to register it, but other than that it is comparable to most other spy tools in its effectiveness and accuracy.  As another research tool, SpyFu is not a bad application and the SpyFu Kombat function does give you another angle with which to get ahead of your competition.