Do you have a product or service that you are trying to promote online, but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for copywriter? Then this book is for you! It is very easy to read the book and you can start applying the concepts immediately!

Being a great copywriter is almost like having a secret super power. As a copywriter, you will be tasked with filling pages with content designed to describe products and services and convince the reader to buy or at least sign up for more information.

If you become good at this, then you’ll have the ability to sway the hearts and minds of your visitors and get them to think exactly what you want them to think. The web design is what attracts people to your page and the marketing is what helps them find it in the first place… but it’s the copywriting that will convince them to act once they get there. It is the final and most important piece of the puzzle.

Think of a great copywriter as a salesman, mixed with some kind of hypnotist. You’ll have the ability to sway opinions and trigger almost any action that you require for your business. Like Kaa from The Jungle Book… Even if that means selling snow to an Inu-it! (Remember though: with great power, comes great responsibility!)

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