Julian Treasure argues that as a society “we are losing our listening” and that we need to improve our listening skills. He suggests to first listen to no sound for three minutes a day to reset our ears. Next, try listening to all the different sounds in a noisy place, such as a coffee shop. This way, the ears hear many different sounds all at once.  The third tip is to enjoy normal sounds, as in listening to a dryer. The fourth way is to think about the “position”  taken while listening. This means actively listening by taking notes, expand on what was said, or being critical. The last strategy is to receive, appreciate, summarize, and ask (RASA). This means paying attention, showing your listening, summarizing what they said, and asking a question at the end.  The talk finishes with Treasure saying that if we listen closely to each other, we can understand each other, and the world will be more peaceful.